The Relaunch

This post is intended to provide all the information regarding the official relaunch of San Andreas Roleplay (UK) and cover any questions you may have in the lead up to the launch. If you have any questions following this you can ask questions by replying to this thread.

I need to get my refund -AGAIN-?
No. During the previous reboot I took regular backups both before and after the economy reset, we will be returning to pre-eco reset (including property, we may review this before launching). You will have the majority if not all of your belongings from previously. So long as you participated in our first reboot and claimed your refund you'll still have it.

So what's different this time around?
Experience. Not only was the first reboot attempt successful in itself but I was able to learn a lot and improve both my management and development ability. I along with the management lineup will ensure that the roles are filled with the best possible candidates to strive forward into once again becoming one of the largest light-medium SA:MP roleplay servers.

SA:MP Version?
Due to discontinuation of 0.3.DL we will be relocating to 0.3.7 where we sense the most exposure and growth potential as a community. There's now numerous reasons as to why 0.3.DL is no longer feasible for the community and for that reason we will be hosted on 0.3.7 where most servers are at this time.

What factions will be available?
At first we'll open what we believe are the core factions required: San Andreas Police Department (SAPD), San Andreas Fire & Medical Department (SAFMD), and San Andreas Government (SAGOV). From then on dependent on the playerbase and leadership selection we may expand to core groups such as the Hitman Agency.

Are positions available?
Any vacancies will be announced when necessary. We'll be hiring administration, faction leadership, community helpers, beta testers and so on when the time is right. There will be regular staff roster updates in the lead up to launch to ensure we have the best possible roster in time for our re-opening.

When is the server launching?
The server launch date will be announced once we have a better idea as to when everything will be configured as intended.

Are there any script changes?
We have an exciting development team working alongside us in this reboot and we can expect to see regular updates never seen before on San Andreas Roleplay. Any and all updates will be tested extensively to ensure that the main server is never affected with unnecessary downtime and issues.

San Andreas Roleplay Management