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Thread: Loyalty System

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    Loyalty System

    Loyalty System

    As we edge towards launch we have introduced a loyalty point reward system which will passively reward you for your time spent here on San Andreas Roleplay. Each hour you will gain 1 loyalty point which will be exchangeable for goods which you couldn't access easily through in-game cash. Here's an initial price list for loyalty points and what you can get with them. As you purchase items with your loyalty points (manually processed by a Head+ admin) you will have points deducted from your account. In essence; 1 hour of gameplay equates to 1 loyalty point.

    During double exp weekends you will receive two loyalty points per hour. These are issued every hour on the server and you do not need to /signcheck in order to receive your loyalty points.

    Bronze VIP (1 month) - 50 loyalty points
    Silver VIP (1 month) - 85 loyalty points
    Gold VIP (1 month) - 120 loyalty points

    Door ('i' icon) - 120 loyalty points
    Family Slot (with gang management confirmation) - 150 loyalty points
    1x Gate - 80 loyalty points
    1x Namechange Token - 60 loyalty points

    San Andreas Roleplay Management
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